A High End Makeup Wishlist

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Ever go on YouTube and watch videos of beauty bloggers and wish you own all that make up?  Oh! You do? Well, that makes the two of us. I’m that girl who wishes for a truck full of makeup and yet wouldn’t stop buying more.

When it comes to buying beauty products, i usually go for drugstore brands that are within my budget and yet would give me that flawless look i’m after. It’s basically being more for less with me. Products that i have used in the past and still currently use includes: Maybelline clear and smooth all in one powder, Marykay Foundation primer, Black opal setting powder, L.A girl pro concealer, Mary kay oil matifier amongst others. These aren’t high ends, but they do the job.

Although high end products maybe worth the splurge but you should bear it in mind that it may not work for you. The ” more expensive, the better” assertion isn’t always true because some high end products have had poor reviews from major beauty bloggers. Also what works for the girl next door may not work for you. But if you have the money to spare, please indulge yourself. Aside foundations, powders and concealers which can be a little tricky in my opinion (finding a perfect shade, hoping it doesn’t break you out, etc) other products seem to be much more suitable and works for all.

That said, here are some of my favourite beauty obsessions that are on the pricier side but are definitely what the splurge and live up to their hype.

In no particular order….

IMG_28471. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz.


2. Morphe 35O eyeshadow palette.


3. Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit


4. Mac Studio Fix Fluid Foundation


5. Anastasia Beverly Hills Illuminator


6. Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer

So there you have it, My high end makeup wish list. I know it isn’t much but they do cost a lot!

I haven’t used any of these products personally but the review on them were great. They have been tried and tested by many beauty bloggers, so i’m sure they are worth their salt.

Have you tried any of the products on my wish list? Do you have a high end makeup wish list of your own??

Let me know it the comments below, would love to know what you’d say.

Quote of the day: Wish it, believe it and it will be so – Deborah Smith


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6 thoughts on “A High End Makeup Wishlist

  1. Yes dear… I’m a fan of good and affordable makeup..
    I don’t own too many big named brands.. But I still get a flawless makeover..

    Lovely post dear…
    The ABH glow kit is on my mind.. And I would purchase soon

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    1. I am totally a ruratinom… No doubt. Describes me to a T! I think it started long ago, impregnated in my brain about being a good mother and wife and I must do it all. Clean house, cook dinner, work.. I’m exhausted just thinking about all the thing I was trained to do, but just can’t do the ALL!The guilt sets in and the self doubt, I’m a bad mother I dare I, I kick myself daily for halls these harsh words to myself.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You are great woman Christina. Don’t ever think otherwise. Let go of the guilt and self doubt. You are an amazing mother and wife and i’m sure your family appreciate all that you do for them. Have a great week ahead.


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