FASHION: Sunday Style

Hi lovlies, happy sunday! (E ku ojo like my yoruba friends would say). It’s been raining for days now here in Lagos and today was no exception. For today’s outfit, i opted for bright colours due to the gloomy weather. I wanted colours that would lift my spirit and brighten my day and this outfit did that just for me

I personally believe that colours have significant amount of effect on us, especially on our mood. An orange painted room can easily evoke feelings of warmth and comfort compared to a Brown painted one, so also it is for clothes. Sometimes i wear black and brown to feel inconspicuous, other times it’s just to make a fashion statement. It all depends.

So for this look, i paired a one piece bikini top with an orange pencil skirt with slit, a denim wedge and a woven bow hat.

Top: Thrifted

Skirt: gifted by my sister

Shoes: Thrifted

Hat: Thrifted

I was going to pair the skirt with a lemon sleeveless top initially but it was chilly outside so i decided to wear this light orange top instead.

What’s your Sunday Style outfit like this rainy days? Do you consider your mood when choosing your outfits? What’s your location and is it raining over there like it is here?

Please leave your comments, would love to hear from you!



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