FASHION : Pretty in Print

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Hi lovlies, happy weekend. So happy the weekend is finally here!

African prints are beautiful, rich, colourful and they remind me of butterflies and flowers. These prints stands out where ever they are in the world and you can hardly make a fashion faux pas in one. In fact i think if you are confused about what to wear, you should rock a print outfit, pair it with the right accessories and people won’t stop complimenting you, especially when the style is amazing!
What i’m wearing :
Dress : Thrifted
Shoe : Your Feet Look Gorgeous (Thrifted)
Head wrap : Random
Bangle : Mum’s
Although i love African prints but i’m not someone you would often see wearing lots of printed outfits (hoping to change that soon though). One reason would be our Nigerian tailors. You give them your fabric in January and you are probably going to be getting it back towards the end of february which is after several visits to their shop with promises that it would be ready “tomorrow “. The few print outfits i have are in really simple styles . I like them simple and pretty but my mum would rather prefer they turn heads wherever i go and make
a “vavavoom” fashion statement.
I got this dress when i went thrift shopping for my aunt who lives in the eastern part of the country and when i laid my eyes and hands on it, I knew it would be hard letting go. It wasn’t just pretty and in a simple comfortable style but it was already made, meaning no tailor struggles.
Getting accessories to pair with this dress wasn’t a hassle. I knew the look i was going for when i brought it out for styling. I wanted to keep it simple, chic and comfortable and the accessories helped in achieving just that. A headwrap , beads, a bangle in print, and a brown sandal heels and i got posing for the cam.
I would wear this dress to a cultural festival, a carnival or to go watch a play at the theatre. I love that the dress is already made and also has this African-ish vibe to it.
Do you wear a lot of print dress and how do you like you style?
Does your tailor get the job done as promised or can you relate with my experience?
Plus drop your comments, would love to hear from you.
Word of the day: It’s not about brand, it’s about style.

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