Songs I ‘m Currently Listening To – #1


I find music to be a lot of things for me. It’s an escape from reality sometimes, soothing when i feel down and expresses a lot of things i cannot speak. Mostly i’m drawn to a song by its lyrics, other times by its tempo. There are songs that always pierce my soul no matter how many times i listen, there are some i fell in love on the first hearing. Others just grow on me over time and some will never make it to my play list, never!.

Whether i’m getting ready for a hangout, in the bathroom or getting chores done these are songs that i’m currently listening to non stop. It doesn’t matter whether they are old classic or number 1000 on the US chart what matters is that i like them.

So here are songs i’m Currently listening to…

1. Demi Lovato || Skyscraper
This is one of those songs i listen to whenever i feel really down. The lyrics is really motivating.

2. Alessia Cara || How far i’ll go

I fell in love with this song after i saw the movie ‘moana’. I agree with the rest of the world that Alessia’s version is better.

3. Julia Michaels || Issues

I first heard this song on IG on youtuber Kiitana IG page. Loved it instantly!

4. Dj khaled ft Rihanna || wild thoughts
Song of the moment. I love the tempo of this song, just makes me wanna dance whenever i listen to it.

5. Martin Garrix and Dua Lipa || Scared to be lonely
First time i heard this song, I thought to my self “who’s this girl?” Dua lipa’s voice is powerful!

6. Beyonce || Sorry
My favourite song on the lemonade album. What I love more about this song is the part where Beyonce speaks slowly at the beginning. And the video? Amazing!

7. Delacey || Dream it possible
Another motivational and inspiring piece.

8. Jesse n joy || Corre
If you love Spanish songs or just want to have a taste of their music, try corre. This beautiful love song is by this brother and sister duo, very soul piercing.

9. Empire Cast || Powerful

One of my favourite songs of the empire series. Jussie smollet and Alicia keys nailed it. I just love this song.

10. Justin Beiber || Purpose

Love it so much that one time i had to call the radio and request they play it.

So these are songs i’m Currently listening to non stop.

What songs are you currently listening to? Have you got any song recommendations for me, i’m Currently updating my playlist.

Drop your comments below, would love to hear from you.

Word of the day: People are like music; some speak the truth others are just noise.


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