Review: Bamboo Brushes X Jean Bag

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Hi lovlies, happy Friday! Thank God the weekend is here.

Makeup brushes are one of the must have beauty essentials in your makeup bag. Whether you are a professional makeup artist,makeup enthusiast or a beginner, you need a set. The brushes in a set that every girl needs are: Brow brush, angle brush, concealer brush, blending brush, eye shadow brush, powder brush,foundation brush, and blush brush. You also should learn how to improvise as these brushes can serve you in more ways than one.



I bought my bamboo brush set sometimes last year through a seller i met online. I almost ordered online but on a second thought i decided to track her down to her beauty store. On getting there i was presented with lots of brushes which were within my budget to choose from. The options were so much it got confusing but these bamboo ones caught my eyes. The Jean Bag packaging was attractive , the brushes itself were sturdy. Having used this brushes for over a year now, here are my thought about it.


1. Soft
2. Doesn’t shed off while washing
3. Very Affordable
4. Durable
5. Some brushes are excellent multitaskers

Brush handle of the eye shadow brush came off but good old trusted super glue fixed it.



Over all i’m really enjoying these brushes. I’m particularly happy with the fact that i can use each brushes for a different purpose and blending is so easy!
The greatest thing about this brush is the price, this particular set cost me just N4,500.

How many makeup brushes do you currently own? What is the most you have spent on a brush set?
Do leave your comments, would love to hear from you

Quote of the day: “You cannot achieve good makeup without good tools” – Franรงois Nars


20 thoughts on “Review: Bamboo Brushes X Jean Bag

  1. Hehehehehhe… Even if I don’t need the brushes I will buy them cause of the bag….. Are you sure that’s not what you did… #justkidding . They look good.. Been eyeing bamboo brushes for a while now, but I got a brush set from jumia.. For over two months. A 10 piece set of kabuki brushes. Haven’t used yet. Just used one for a video I made yesterday should be up next week….
    Preach darling… People still don’t know that brushes makes live easy

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    1. Lol… gifty, the way this bag is getting compliments ehn, i’m sure the brushes are jealous. Would definitely create a look that i can rock this bag with soonest. Thanks for stopping by dearie.


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