Review: Afrikaana Weave Braid Extention

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Hi lovlies, i hope you all are doing amazing! Shout-out to everyone who has visited the blog and to all those consistently reading, liking and dropping comments, thank you very much, i do appreciate it.

So i collaborated with this hair brand “Afrikaana Braids” as a model/ambassador so that means you’d see my face on the pack when you purchase the braid extention and it’s been so great working with them.




Afrikaana Weave braid extention is nothing like your regular braids or wigs. This weave braid extention comes with weave edges, which means it is fixed like weave extention on your hair after plaited in cornrows. It takes less than thirty (30) minutes to get it fixed, so all worries of sitting down for hours and enduring pains are over. If gossips at the salon bother you, you feel extreme  hair pains, or you don’t favour wigs then you’d definitely love this. The weave braid comes in different vibrant colours and ombre hues but you can also request for them to custom make colours or length of your choice. The braid weaves comes in really long length and the great deal is that one pack is just enough.





For someone like me who haven’t braided my hair in the past 4-5 years  because i cannot endure the pains and discomfort of sitting for hours and then the hairstylist telling me how they ought to have charged me more than the initially agreed price, this is a really big relief.  Here are my verdict after using the weave braid extention



  1. Saves time. It took less than 30 minutes to fix.
  2. Comes in vibrant beautiful colours.
  3. Simple fixing. You can DIY  or anyone around you can fix it for you. No need to spend that extra cash at the salon.
  4. Saves you money
  5. One pack of the weave braid extention is more than enough f full braid.
  6. Durable and can be used as many times as you want
  7. Specially custom made to meet your needs in length and colours.
  8. Delivery to wherever you are is promised.






The best feeling is the comfort i feel afterwards and the compliment i’ve been getting. Most persons think it’s regular braid, but i keep telling them how different this is and it’s benefits.


Brand contact info:

IG : @Afrikaanabraids

Facebook :

You can get their numbers on both social media pages.

What are your thoughts about this weave braid extention ? Do you fancy sitting down for hours just to braid your hair? How often do you braid your hair and how much does that cost you in a year?

Please leave your comments below, would love to hear from you.

Qoute of the day: ” A girl without braids is like a city without bridges” – Roman Payne



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