Fashion|| Lady In Red

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Hi lovlies, happy new week! Hope you all are doing awesome!
I wasn’t in doubt when i wore this red dress as Bill blass qoute “when in doubt wear red” suggested. I have had this dress for a long time now but this is the first time i’d be wearing it. The dress wasn’t my perfect size when my mum gifted it to me and at that time i didn’t feel like altering it to fit me. Months later with a little weight gained my body has filled it out and the dress fits just how i want it to.





The dress is super comfortable yet elegant and très chic. i was going to pair it with a facinator initially but last minute i opted for this straw hat with black ribbon because i didn’t want to look like a bridesmaid. I also wore a sandal heel and very miminal accessories.





This dress would be perfect for a dinner date, to the church, or for a wedding reception. It can also be paired with sandals, scarf or blazer to achieve different looks depending on the occasion.





This is my third dress in red, not my favourite colour but i think we ladies look drop dead gorgeous in red.






Dress: thrifted
Shoe : thrifted
Bag : thrifted

What’s your favourite colour? If you were to have all your dresses in one colour, what colour would yours be?

Please leave me a comment i’d really love to know what you think.

Qoute of the day: “over the years i have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman wearing it” – Yves Saint Laurent


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